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We believe that human consciousness and altruism can be strengthened through a living relationship with the natural world and by taking our places within the circle of community. Our code of conduct allows us to live and work together in a way that balances the needs of the individual with the needs of the community:

Appropriate Risk Taking

I will follow all safety procedures and use all expedition clothing and equipment as instructed. I will embrace the challenge and risk of adventure sports while also realizing that crossing the line of common sense will endanger my life and the lives of others in the group.


I will maintain my living space and belongings in a clean presentable order. Clothing, equipment, and personal space will be kept clean and arranged neatly.


At Kroka we value our ability to share personally with each other and see this as an essential way to connect and build common understanding. When personal topics are shared within the circle of staff and students, I will uphold the sacred trust of my group and will maintain confidentiality elsewhere on the Kroka campus and even after the conclusion of a program.

Conflict Resolution:

When conflict or resentment occurs, I will immediately speak out honestly to the group or staff members in order to promptly move the issue to resolution.

Personal Health

I will safeguard the health of the group by taking responsibility for my own physical, mental, and emotional health and safety. I will take the highest standards of care for my appearance and hygiene. This includes adequate nutrition, rest, and finding supportive guidance from staff and peers.


I will take personal responsibility for any animals, buildings, supplies and equipment that are placed within my care or within my reach. I will not take things that do not belong to me. When I make a mistake, which I will, I will take honest responsibility for it, and enjoy the support of the community in making things right again.

Respectful Communication

Social and emotional safety are as important as physical safety in our work. Towards that goal, I will strive to express my ideas and feelings fully and freely within the community. When questioned about something important, I will be truthful with facts and testimony. I will model healthy positive communication without gossip or behind-the-back criticism. I will use kind and respectful language, and I will not use shouting, threats, profanity, and sexually explicit or offensive expressions in my speech - even in a private setting or in challenging circumstances. When another person is deliberately speaking to me or to the group, I will give my full quiet attention to them. I will refrain from all forms of bullying, including unsolicited criticism, name calling, social exclusion, aggressive teasing and coercion.

Interpersonal Safety

I will share in the work of creating and maintaining a strong and fully inclusive community that is a safe, welcoming, and affirming place for the full diversity of people who might be with us - including persons of different racial, cultural, or religious backgrounds, and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Kroka has a zero tolerance policy for abuse, harassment, or bullying. Please see our guide to interpersonal safety (published on the Kroka website) for more detailed descriptions of how we work through uncomfortable moments and respond to any unwanted or harmful circumstances that might occur.

Use of Technology

I understand that the use of entertainment and communications technology such as radios, cell phones, laptops, watches, fitness trackers, and other internet devices can have a distracting or even detrimental effect on my personal safety and my attention and energy for the people and circumstances of the real world that surrounds me. I accept and will abide by any community established limitations on the use personal technology while on the Kroka campus or participating in a Kroka program.


I accept and embrace manual labor as an essential part of daily life in the Kroka community. I will put forth my utmost effort to work with intention and focus to see each assigned task through to completion. In addition, I will notice things that need to be done, and do them without being asked, out of my own initiative and free-will. Finally, I will notice when others around me are hard at work, and I will join together with them in the task at hand, both for the pleasure of teamwork and the desire to equitably share the labor.

Substance Use

I will not possess, offer, purchase or consume any substances that will adversely impact physical health, state of consciousness, or the ability to exercise good judgment at any time while enrolled in or assigned to a Kroka program. This includes (but is not limited to) tobacco, electronic cigarettes, marijuana, pharmaceutical drugs, psychotropic or psychedelic substances (chemical and wild-gathered), alcohol, or other illegal drugs.

Exclusive Relationships

Students on programs will naturally develop close friendships or romantic feelings for one another. It is normal and healthy to enjoy and express these feelings, however, acting on those feelings can interfere with the overall social and emotional well-being of the community. To that end, I will refrain from exclusive behavior and I will respond to feedback about how my personal relationships affect the group. If I feel drawn towards an exclusive relationship while at Kroka, I will communicate with program staff or adult mentors and ask for support. Finally, I understand that Kroka does not permit any romantic or exclusive relationships between staff and students.


Kroka’s curriculum demands extraordinary levels of focus during a brief period of time in one’s life. While sexuality is a healthy aspect of being human, there are many important reasons why a Kroka program is not a safe, healthy, or appropriate environment for exploring intimate or sexual relationships. Therefore, I will not engage in intimate sexual activity (a) with other people (b) in the presence of other people, or (c) within common spaces such as tents or buildings.

Furthermore, Kroka Expeditions has a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment or misconduct. Please review our interpersonal safety guide for a detailed explanation of what constitutes sexual harassment or misconduct.

Consequences of Violation

I understand and agree to follow the ideals of this code of conduct. I understand that violations of these standards will be noticed and directly addressed by my instructors and peers, and may result in a behavior contract or even my immediate dismissal from the program.


If a student has violated the standards of this code of conduct in ways that are risky to one's health and well-being - especially around substance abuse and sexual activity - the established consequences for a violation (dismissal from the program) can create reluctance to ask for help from other students or staff members. Students in this situation may request a “sanctuary conversation” from any Kroka staff member - and if this takes place before Kroka staff have reasonable suspicion or before a violation is likely to be discovered, staff will then make every possible effort to protect the confidentiality of the student and find alternatives to dismissal so that a student could still successfully complete the program.

Parental Notification Policy

Kroka will immediately notify parents or guardians (regardless of student age, finances, or family background) if:

  • students miss more than two consecutive days of program activity for a health or behavior reason
  • students are scheduled to receive physical or psychological health care from a professional outside of immediate Kroka staff
  • students violate any terms of the code of conduct related to substance use or sexuality
  • students violations of the code of conduct are severe or pervasive enough to require repeated meetings with senior staff or a behavior contract

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