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How to order maps:


1. Locate the USGS Quadrangles that you want using this tool:


2. Purchase maps using this tool:


Note that when you click on a location, it will show you all the maps available for that location. Pay attention to the size and to the year. Sometimes older maps are better than newer ones, as the newer ones are computer generated and are very ugly and lack detail.

Our account number is: 1577582 You can login as: nathan@kroka.org Password is: KrokaMap2019!

We used to have another account as: office@kroka.org, but the password for that account has been lost!


Canadian topographic maps are identified with a numbering system that makes more sense than the USA place-name system. You can learn more about it here: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/earth-sciences/geography/topographic-information/maps/9765

I recommend ordering Canadian maps from this website: https://www.maptown.com/Default.asp

In the Canadian topographic Map section, they have a tool that will help you identify which “quadrangles” you want to order.