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EATING WITH STUDENTS: If a Kroka meal is being prepared and shared with students in the Kroka village or farmhouse, staff who wish to engage socially and educationally with the students are welcome to ask the program instructors for permission to join in the meal.

PERSONAL STORAGE: Kroka food many not be taken and stored in personal spaces outside of the Farmhouse for personal consumption.

SNACKS: Snacks between meals may sometimes be served in the farmhouse by the Food Manager, however staff who may need more personal snacks are encouraged to purchase and store their own snack items in rodent-proof containers.

FARMHOUSE STORAGE: Any personal food stored in the Kroka farmhouse must be clearly labeled with your name.

PROGRAMS: Seasonal staff who are assigned to a program will eat all meals with students.


Community meals will be prepared and served in the Kroka farmhouse, or alternative arrangements made for special days-off) at the direction of the Kroka Food Manager. Seasonal staff are provided with Kroka food for 3 meals per day for every day of contracted employment that you are living on campus, or working with students in the field, or traveling on Kroka business.



On busy days (when five or more people are doing chores), a farmhouse chore breakfast may be prepared and served by someone as part of the morning chore work… with the assumption that only those people doing chores will attend the “chore” breakfast. This chore breakfast can be prepared in the farmhouse kitchen, using Kroka food, and following the breakfast menu published by the food manager.

On quiet days (fewer than five people doing chores), all people are responsible for preparing their own breakfast (not during chore time). People who participated in morning chores can prepare breakfast in the farmhouse using Kroka food. People who did not do chores are asked to prepare and enjoy their own (personal) food in their own dwelling.


If a Kroka meal is being prepared by the food manager, all people working on campus (including chores) that day are welcome to share in it.

If a Kroka meal is not being prepared by the food manager, people may prepare their own meals in the farmhouse kitchen, using only personal ingredients (or occasionally Kroka ingredients that are made available in writing by the food manager).