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Welcome to Krokadock: Internal Documentation for the Kroka Staff Community

Note that not everything can be found here!

For public documents such as the Kroka History or the Parent/Student Handbook, please see

For program related documents such as curriculum and activity protocols, itineraries, site notes, daily plans, forms for printing, etc. please use the Kroka Shared Drives, Linseed, and the latest edition of the Kroka Field Handbook / Operating Manual / Protocols .

For ongoing management documents, such as Strategic Plans, Annual Plans, Weekly or Daily Plans, Big Job Assignments, Job Descriptions, Evaluations, and regular staff meeting agendas and notes, etc, please use the Kroka Shared Drives.

There are two kinds of Utopians: those who would create perfect social arrangements where various fallible humans of different types and qualities will somehow live in harmony; and those who seek to perfect people such that they can live happy lives under almost any conditions.
-- Donald Oliver: Education and Community