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Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, and other substances (including vaping products, edibles etc)

While directly assigned to a program, staff must adhere to our code of conduct, which prohibits consumption of controlled substances.

When not directly assigned to a program, we require that all staff adhere to state and federal laws regarding the possession or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other controlled substances.

Even when not prohibited by state and federal law, and even when staff are on a "day-off" enjoying personal time, we place limitations on the storage and use of substances "on campus" (which includes our Marlow NH campus, as well as the property of our partners, including: Frey Farm, Palugo Farm, Mahoosuc Guide Service, Maine Local Living School, etc).

PRINCIPLES - why we follow these limitations:

  • we believe that premature use of these substances can have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of children and young adults
  • we wish to protect the reputation of Kroka that is held by local neighbors and the general public.
  • even when not directly working with students, our teaching and support staff may often need to be "on-call" - and remain in good health, peak physical condition, and ready to respond to an emergency - even late at night when least expected.

STORAGE of substances:

At Kroka village in Marlow, alcohol, vaping and marijuana products, may NOT be stored anywhere in the student village (south of the stream). Staff residing in the Marlow student village may store these items in boxes or staff lockers in the Gaspe garage.

- Used paraphernalia and empty bottles that formerly contained alcoholic beverages must be stored out-of-sight in a recycling bin with a lid.

- Any smoking or vaping materials, or bottles containing alcoholic beverages that are found by anyone to be visible during the day will be immediately confiscated and destroyed.

CONSUMPTION of substances:

During the intensity of the eight-week summer season: our campus is full of students and staff work with an intensity that demands full physical alertness and responsiveness at all times. Thus we insist that from the first day of the summer season until the last day of the summer season, there will be no consumption of alcohol or marijuana products anywhere on the Kroka Marlow main campus - even on staff "days-off".

During the other seasons of the year: We ask that staff use exercise their sense of responsibility and best judgement in consuming alcohol or other recreational or intoxicating substances on campus. Here are some suggested guidelines for times and places that would be appropriate:

  • within (or on the porch of) year-round permanent staff housing units that are not within the student village
  • during the hours of 5:00 PM - midnight,
  • when students are not on campus, or when students are under close supervision entirely in the student village.
  • by staff who are not "on-duty" or "on-call"
  • when permitted by campus owners (when on an affiliated campus such as Frey Farm or Maine Local Living School)
  • when permitted by state and federal law


Smoking of any kind of substances presents additional challenges of unintentionally affecting other people at a distance, and potentially creating a fire hazard. Smoking of tobacco is permitted only outdoors in the trailhead parking area, provided that no students are present on campus. Smoking of any other substances is not permitted on campus, either indoors or outdoors.


AGE RESTRICTIONS: Alcohol or marijuana products may not be served by, possessed, served to, or consumed by anyone under the age of 21 years old on any part of the Kroka campus, regardless of their nationality, citizenship, job position, level of maturity, or parental presence.

PRESCRIPTIONS: Anyone who has a prescription for medical use of marijuana should consult with Executive Director about appropriate time and place of use.

ODOR: The odor of alcohol or marijuana products must not be detectable by anyone passing by on a pedestrian path, driveway, road, or parking lot.

WORK: The use of alcohol or marijuana products cannot affect work performance or participation in morning chores.

SAFETY: Staff may not operate power tools, tractors, or motor vehicles within six (6) hours of consuming alcohol or marijuana products.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The directors may at times grant specific one-time permission for serving, sharing, or consuming alcoholic beverages at special fundraising or staff community events.