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Need: Overall philosophy of housing.

Need; Clarification of which position are required to be residential -

Need: Clarification of partners/spouses/children - who is welcome to share housing as long-term partner? Do partners pay rent? Do partners have responsibilities? Is there a screening process?

Need: Clarification of pets/dogs additional rent.

Here are the housing rental rates for full-time year-round staff residing on campus.

Rental charges for part-time staff will be pro-rated based on hours per week, bringing the rents closer to market value...

Rent charges will be deducted from your bi-weekly paycheck.

Rental charges for village dwellings are on a per-person basis, regardless of number of people.

Rental charges for shared buildings (Directors, Rogers Road, Gaspe) are based on sleeping space used.

Regular Full-Time Housing Rental Rates





monthly rate

Directors House Entire Building
Directors House** Upstairs Room 250 $500
Directors Basement Apartment $650
Rogers Road Entire Building 500 $1000
Rogers Road Main House only 125 250 $500
Rogers Road Apartment only 125 250 $500
Gaspe South (big bedroom) 125 250 $500
Gaspe NorthEast 175 $350
Gaspe NorthWest 125 $250
Doyle Cabin 25 50 $100
Uapishka 0 0 0
Palugo 0 0 0
Trollhaugen 0 0 0

** DIRECTORS house rates lowered based on expectation of hosting visiting teachers, board members, guest teachers, summer staff, meetings, retreats, etc.

** NOTE, special housing and board rates may apply for international workers...

In 2024 we have the following comparable rents:

$1550 private 2 bedroom house

$1,000 private 1 bedroom apt in Gilsum with Utiilities included

$850 for studio apartment with utilities included. (one room with bathroom and kitchen)