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Who can make changes to Krokadock?

Only Kroka's "Directors" have user accounts and the privilege (and responsibility!) of making direct edits to the Krokadock documents.

How can I review recent changes to Krokadock?

Click here to review recent changes.

What protocols are there for making changes to Krokadock?

MINOR FIXES can be made at any time by directors.

  • fixing typographic errors,
  • adding clarity to existing policies
  • closing small loopholes

SIGNIFICANT EDITING will either be (a) written and approved during a year-round staff meeting or (b) drafted ahead of time and proposed/reviewed during a year-round staff meeting

  • the code of conduct
  • campus lifestyle issues (food, pets, farm interaction, children, use of technology, chores, seasonal housing, community life)
  • seasonal staff expectations, compensation, and benefits

MAJOR CHANGES will be drafted by the directors, reviewed by year-round staff, and then approved by either a board committee or the entire board of trustees

  • compensation policies and benefits for year-round staff
  • important sensitive or legal policies (sexual harassment, discrimination)
  • financial systems (fiscal manual)
  • organizational structure
  • guiding language & philosophy Mission / Vision / NorthStar / We Believe